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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the order of your books?

  • Bluegrass Series
    • Bluegrass State of Mind
    • Risky Shot
    • Dead Heat
  • Bluegrass Brothers
    • Bluegrass Undercover
    • Rising Storm
    • Secret Santa
    • Acquiring Trouble
    • Relentless Pursuit
    • Secrets Collide
    • Final Vow
  • Bluegrass Singles
    • All Hung Up
    • Bluegrass Dawn
    • The Perfect Gift
    • The Keeneston Roses
  • Forever Bluegrass Series
    • Forever Entangled
    • Forever Hidden
    • Forever Betrayed
  • Women of Power
    • Chosen for Power
    • Built for Power
    • Fashioned for Power – coming soon
    • Destined for Power – coming soon

Do you have a family tree for all of the characters in the Bluegrass books?

  • Yes, in fact I have two:
  • Click THIS LINK for the Davies family.
  • Click THIS LINK for the friends of the Davies family.

Do you have more Bluegrass books on the way?

  • Yes.  I have a lot more planned.  A new series featuring the grown children from the first two series will begin in 2015.  More info will be posted on the website when it is available.

How many books will be in the Women of Power series?

  • Right now, I have four books in the Women of Power series.  I don’t have plans to expand on it at this time, but I never rule it out completely.