Dead Heat

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Paige Davies just made two of her best friends ever, and she doesn’t know if they will live to see the next morning…

The third book in the Bluegrass Series picks up with Paige Davies trying frantically to save the lives of the two women that she has come to love as sisters, knowing she might be the next target. Paige is a proud, independent woman, but even she knows that she must find help to stay alive. But does that help really have to come from the sexy and equally confident Cole Parker?

Cole Parker is an FBI agent in Lexington, Kentucky. He was never supposed to be in the middle of a national scandal. And Paige sure as hell never pictured herself falling for a man that matched her in stubbornness. Neither Paige nor Cole can decide whether to strangle or kiss each other as the tension builds. As they work through the case of his career, both find that love can be tougher than bringing down some of the most powerful men in America.

This exciting conclusion to the Bluegrass Series is filled with romance, humor, and plenty of action.